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All donations will be used to finance direct needs of the aptosid project, e.g. test hardware.

Hall of PayPal Donors

Roberto Farina
Basilios Tsapas
Ronald Barkley
Francisco Lacerda
Mauro Dittaro
Joseph Bylund
Thomas Binsch
Carole Morgan
Joseph Bylund

Thank you for considering a donation toward our project!

Donations via SPI

We are happy to announce the availability of donations to aptosid through SPI, where we are an associated project. Software in the Public Interest, Inc. is a non-profit corporation under the laws of New York State (tax-exempt status under section 501(c)3 of the United States Internal Revenue Code). SPI collects donations for Debian and several other associated projects via check, wire and through If you would like to donate to aptosid via credit cards, please use the button below:

donate to aptosid viy SPI

The process is easy and simple. SPI will inform us per email about any donation for our project.

Donations via ffis e.V.

ffis e.V. is a german based charitable, (not for profit), organisation to aid free software projects. They work together with SPI and between them handle the majority of Debian's moneyflow. We are an associated project to them, as with SPI, and they have set up an account (wire and PayPal) for donators from the EU.

Please direct your donations to:

Bankcode (Bankleitzahl): 280 501 00
Bank: Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg
Account-Nr.: 10126407
IBAN: DE84 2805 0100 0010 1264 07

Please don't forget to add: Donation for aptosid

The German PayPal account for ffis is