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Blog: Official Aptosid Mugs and Steins

Contributed by detaos on Jan 03, 2011 - 11:02 PM

Long time forum member ayla who (if I may paraphrase) is tired of looking at his old sidux mug with the "sidux" crossed out and "aptosid" written in above it. So by request, the Aptosid Art Team is proud to announce the opening of a new section in the CafePress shop: Official Aptosid Hardware. The first items in the shop are mugs and steins, so you may now enjoy your favourite drugs (caffeine and beer) while hanging out with Fred and showing off your love of Aptosid! All hardware has been fully tested for compatibility with the latest release ;).

It is requests like this that drive innovation and progress. If there's something you'd like, just ask. We'll make it happen!

Note: If you would like either the "Caffeine" mug or "Beer" stein's text in the language of your choice, PM the translation to detaos on the forum or #aptosid and he'll make it happen.