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Press Releases: New Sponsor, New Servers

Contributed by slam on Feb 28, 2011 - 09:48 AM

As of last night, this site (including forums, wiki, the repository and our archive) runs on a new server, thanks to our new sponsor Webtropia [2] (part of myLoc managed IT AG), who provides 3 dedicated new servers to us (4x quad-core AMD Opteron 1352). We welcome our new sponsor and are looking forward to a lasting and successful co-operation with this fine hosting business. Why the change? ...

We have been working with Hetzner AG for 5 years, who always was a very reliable, and responsive partner. We want to express our warm thanks to them. Unfortunately, they where not able to expand their sponsorship with our growing server needs, which led to us paying for an extra development server from donations, and using servers from one of our team members.

With the new servers from myLoc managed IT AG [3] we are finally able to have proper technical solutions for our needs, e.g. a fully separated hardware for fast kernel- and iso-building, and an extra server for running all our other sites in virtual machines (,, etc.). All our servers are running our own server version of Aptosid.

The myloc managed IT AG offers the highest quality hosting solutions to it's customers. With their retail brands and they actively support and currently operate more than 10,000 server systems. For professional users myloc managed IT AG offers secure data center environments for server systems and custom-tailored hosting solutions.

We strongly recommend Webtropia [4] for all your hosting and server needs.