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Blog: Status of the aptosid manual as at Feb 2012

Contributed by bluewater on Feb 27, 2012 - 12:25 PM

Current situation:
The aptosid manual is available in 14 languages and all except 4 languages have a translation rate above 95%. This is a fabulous effort by the translation team!

Compared with the last few years, the manual is relatively stable with content, with only minor changes happening and fixing mistakes as they are found. The manual currently is made up of 54 content files per language, (756 in total), plus 350 support files, (a total of 1106 files).

What is new:
What is new is the implementation of Xapian-Omega search engine, replacing Perlfect. The main reason for the change to Xapian-Omega was so that content in all languages could be searched, as Perlfect was not up to the task for some of the languages. ( bfree needs to be acknowledged regarding solving a search issue where the answer was staring me in the face for 2 weeks!)

The only drawback is the loss of context snippets that Perlfect had,  which is where the search word was surrounded by 20 to 30 words either side showing the context and the highlighting of the search word, however, this loss is more than balanced out with the gains aforementioned and along with that, Xapian-Omega is available in the Debian repos.

Code has been written in python which enables context snippets and highlighting within Xapian which may enable the aptosid manual to have a 'state of the art' search engine in the future. ( Guess what is next on the to do list!).

A good example of 'state of the art' is recoll Off-line Searching . [2]The recoll package is a highly recommended package as a local search tool, especially for the desktop version of the aptosid manual as it offers context snippets and a preview with highlighting.

I personally thank the entire translation team and the dev team, both past and present, whom have helped provide the aptosid manual.
Trevor Walkley