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How To Write A New Wiki Article

There are 2 ways to create a new page:

1) Simply use a new Wiki page name in your browser address box, put it after tag= and press "enter". or:
2) Place a new Wiki name anywhere in an existing page (yes, even the SandBox is ok for that), and click on it.

Your page will be created and you will be offered to directly edit it. Tipp: If you plan bigger pages, better prepare them before in an external editor, and paste them into your page when you are done. Also do not forget to save your work from time to time. Always add a short note about your changes every time you save a page, that helps everyone else to understand what changed. Do not forget formatting. Please check for duplicates before creating a new page, and use descriptive wiki names.

The title should be at the beginning of the page:
=== The title of this page ===

Here comes your content.

And the category should be at the end of the page:

Decide into which category your article fits best. Also more than one entry is allowed, pick from here: CategoryCategory. Make sure you add a link to at least one category, that way your page will be included automaticly in category index pages. If in doubth, just use the "General" category, and other users will help to categorize it better later on.

Don't worry if your article is not perfect yet, incomplete or unformatted. This is a wiki, other users will jump in and work with you on the page improving it. Happy editting!