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Post subject: Forum Registration  PostPosted: 15.05.2012, 10:16

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This is my first post on this forum, so before I say anything else, Hi, it's good to be here. Very Happy

I was finally able to register for this forum last night, with my password coming through sometime between then and this morning (Aust time). I previously tried to register for this forum several weeks ago. I completed the registration process and received a message telling me that my password would be sent to my email address - but it never turned up. About 2 weeks later I submitted a message using the Aptosid website Contact page. This time an automated message was sent to my email address, saying that my message had been received and someone would get back to me. Three weeks later I had received no further contact, so I sent another message through the Contact page. Again I received an automated email saying that someone would contact me - but once again I waited for about three weeks and there has been no further contact.

In the interim, assuming that my original registration had failed, I tried to re-register using the same details as before. This time I received a message saying that my registration failed because my email address was already being used. I assume this meant that my original registration succeeded but the email with my password had somehow gone astray. For the sake of argument I will just assume that I entered my email address incorrectly. Finally, last night I used a different login name and my work email address (which I am not supposed to do). This time everything went like clockwork. I am now registered, and I have changed my email address.

My suggestion, resulting from the above, is that Aptosid needs to have a better system for responding to issues that are sent in from the Contact page. I appreciate that forum moderators are very busy, and that they are selflessly donating their own time, and I really do appreciate them for doing so. However, when a new person is trying to join the community, and is asking for assistance to do so, it does not reflect well on the community when they are unable to get any sort of response from someone, other than an auto-response email.

To finish on a more positive note. I originally registered for the forum when I first swapped over to Aptosid and I was having several different problems getting it to work on my Toshiba NB550D netbook. In the weeks since then I have solved most of those problems myself, learning some things that I previously knew nothing about. I still have a couple of problems, but the system is mainly working well.
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Post subject: RE: Forum Registration  PostPosted: 20.05.2012, 20:28
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most of the time the registration succeeds but the automated Mail send to confirm the registrations falls in into some Spam ordner and this prevents the account confirmation.

anyway welcome and have fun.

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